Ohboyohboy, I’m currently flying through the air to Long Beach, California. I’ll be speaking at the Perform Better Summit, one of my very favorite educational events in the entire industry.

It’s also my first time at the Long Beach one, and I’m super pumped to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

If you’re gonna be there, hit me back so we can meet up for a high five.

Not able to make it?

Worry not, I’ve got some goodies for you today so you can get your MF fix.

I’ve recently done a couple of deep dive podcast interviews. 

In the first one, I cover some new territory on how we built MFF. Including some stuff I haven’t discussed in previous podcasts.

In the second one, I go deep into MFF’s current sales funnel.

There are definitely some actionable takeaways. Also some LOLz. 

Catalyst Podcast

Gym World Worldwide

California Dreamin’,


MF Signature BFU 2

PS: This is one of the ONLY times of year that you can enroll in the Unicorn Society.

This is the final week to apply for personal coaching with Keeler, Pete, Ben, and yours truly until 2024. We’re closing applications on Sunday.

In addition to coaching for you (and your team!) US Members get access to our library of on-demand courses, quarterly retreats in super cool places, bi-weekly group coaching calls, free admittance to Business for Unicorns live courses, and more.

Learn more HERE.

PPS Have you checked out my YouTube channel lately?

To see my latest video, click the thumbnail below.

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