Seems hard to believe. But we’re a stone’s throw from 2022.

If you don’t already have a dedicated 2022 planning session in the books, now would be a great time to pencil one in.

The Unicorn Society is gathering in Nashville this weekend to prepare for the new year. In addition to a full day deep-dive into sales, we’ll be spending one whole day planning out 2022. (We’ll also be eating lots of barbecue and checking out the nightlife. :-).)

While I can’t do justice to this topic in a brief email, here are some best practices:

  • Give yourself 15-30 minutes to create a compelling vision of your business in three year’s time. Get crystal clear on exactly how your business looks and feels three years from today; what do your clients say about the business, what services are you offering, what is your relationship to the business, what kind of numbers are you doing, etc. etc.
  • Now make a list of every “win” you’ve had so far in 2021. It’s important to take stock of what’s going well.
  • Identify where you’ll likely end 2021 for your most important, high level metrics: total revenue, total active members, etc.
  • Based on this data, create some annual goals for 2022 for your most important metrics.
  • Next, make a list of your most important (potential) priorities for the first quarter of 2021 that would put you on path to hitting your 2022 targets. It’s important to think on paper (or digital paper). Get all your ideas down. Bonus points if you can do this with members of your team.
  • Looking at your list of potential priorities, isolate the 3-5 absolutely most crucial ones: a new hire, a system you’ve been procrastinating on building, upgrading your onboarding process for new clients, or any other high-impact project. More isn’t better here. You can always tackle other ideas later in the year. But for now we ONLY want a key handful of priorities for the first quarter.

Let me again concede… this is pretty damn simplified.

Nonetheless, this is a solid high level overview of what a good planning session looks like.

So if you haven’t taken the time lately to step out of your business, think about where you’re going, and create a plan to get there…

Now’s a great time to schedule a work session. Put it on your calendar and make it happen!

Plans never work, but planning always does,


PS If you want help with this kind of planning, this is part of what we help our members with in the Unicorn Society.

While it’s too late to get you into our Nashville session, we’ve got some plans to help out our new members for 2022 who are starting on December 1st. 

If you want to hit the ground running in 2022… 

With total clarity on where to put your efforts…. 

And the personal support of Keeler, Pete, and yours truly… 

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