Business Survival in 5-Steps

Five words spilled out of me when I first sat down to put my philosophy on small business ownership into words:

  1. Strategize
  2. Act
  3. Reflect
  4. Adapt
  5. Repeat

I stared at it, asking myself: How do I build this into the framework of a book about how I run my business?

Eventually I came to realize that I apply these five steps in every aspect of my life. 

From nightly to-do list design, to preparing annual company marketing calendars, and even to how I raise my boys at home, every significant move I make revolves around planning, execution, reflection, adjustment, and repetition.

The more I considered the contents of my treasure chest of small business ownership wisdom, the more I realized the best value I have to offer resides in steps three and four of this list. I’ve owned and operated a brick and mortar fitness business for well over a decade now, having made just about every mistake imaginable as an employer, tenant, marketer, and business partner.

The pages ahead will take you on a ride through the landscape of business ownership reflection and resulting adaptation from the last several years of my professional life. I will consider this project a success if I keep you from avoiding even just one of my biggest mistakes in your entrepreneurial journey ahead.


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