I’m Launching a NEW Podcast…

There’s a reason people call me “Prolific AF MF!”

Ok. Actually, I’ve never been called that. But it would be a reasonable moniker!

As you know, I’ve been putting my heart and soul into my YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to HERE. If I do say so myself, think you’ll find it to be some of the very best fit biz content on the interwebz.

Real Talk: The best way to imbibe my YouTube channel is, erm, on YouTube. Big shout-out to my amazing editor Ken, who reliably makes me LOL with his hilarious cuts.

But I also know not everyone is a YouTube person. 

To that end, we’ve recently launched a brand new way to get more MF in your life. And in your ears!

If it’s your preferred format, you can now enjoy the audio from my YouTube channel in my new podcast. Each episode is under 10 minutes. So it’s perfect for podcast snackin’.


Now don’t you worry. We’ll still be keeping the core Business for Unicorns podcast in its original, minty flavor. This is just one more option for totally free BFU learning.

Would love for you to check it out, and if so inclined, give it a follow.

I really love making helpful things for you,


MF Signature BFU 2

PS This is one of the ONLY times of year that you can enroll in the Unicorn Society.

That means it’s your last window to apply for personal coaching from Keeler, Pete, Ben, and yours truly until 2024. 

In addition to our coaching for you (and your team!) you get access to our library of on-demand courses, quarterly retreats in super cool places, bi-weekly group coaching calls, free admittance to Business for Unicorns live courses, and more.

Learn more HERE.