Most People

It took me years to discover that there is power in numbers when it comes to selling. I’d bang my head against the wall again and again with the same approach as I searched for my selling voice:

You should consider this package because…

Based on your assessment, the most appropriate option is…

If I were you, I’d…

Some pitches closed. Others didn’t.

And then I switched things up, taking what I thought was a lazy angle:

Most people go with the unlimited package as they familiarize themselves with our style of training.

I started closing more business. I’d stumbled upon the “most people” closing method. I’d unintentionally discovered two important rules in selling. 

First, there is power in numbers. Investing in a service that many are currently enjoying seems safe and practical. 

Secondly, fear of missing out is real. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity while “most people” capitalized, would you?


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