My 5 Favorite Gym Business YouTubes

I’m about to be totally off grid for my yearly pilgrimage to Burning Man. As in, no digital communication of any kind. 

I will miss you terribly!

But while I’m away, I wanted to share with you some fitness business knowledge to feast upon in my absence.

Below you’ll find five of my personal favorite MF YouTube videos to date. I think you’ll find them educational and entertaining. Edutaining, you might say. 😉

The Only Numbers You Really Need
My Gym Sold 96 Trials in 1 Week with this EXACT Strategy
#1 New Gym Owner MISTAKE (And How To Fix It)
6 Things Profitable Gym Owners Do (That You Don’t)
Goal Setting for Gym Owners

And if you’re inspired to dive down even deeper into the MF YouTube rabbit hole? Be sure to check out the playlists so you can binge on any particular topic you fancy.

The old gods say helloooooo,


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