Quick Gym Marketing Tips


I’m heading off to speak at Perform Better in Chicago this weekend, so I’m gonna keep today quick.

(Also, hit reply and let me know if I’ll see you in Chicago or next month when I speak at Perform Better in LA. You can still get tickets HERE!)

I’ve been working with some great gym owners in a 12-week sprint. 

This program is totally focused on more leads and more clients

A lot of the value is getting personalized feedback from yours truly on deliverables. 

After all, the barrier for a lot of gym owners isn’t WHAT to do. It’s HOW to do it.

For example, here’s something you may have heard before:

Your website needs to make it immediately clear: 

  • WHO you help
  • HOW you help them
  • Exactly what to do next.

If you’ve studied gym marketing at all, this isn’t news to you.

And yet I rarely see this done well. 

Let’s quickly breakdown each of these so you understand how to execute:

1) WHO You Help

Provided you have a well-made website that ranks decently (a big IF), you don’t necessarily need to go super niche here.

After all, if you do general population fitness in a small town? 

You’re not exclusively working with former athlete men between the ages of 37 and 43 who are divorced with 3 kids and work as a C-level executive and make $150k or more. 

Now that COULD be a great avatar to build your marketing messaging around. But for the website itself, it’s too specific of a callout for your headline. 

However, you could still use some qualifiers.

E.g. We help busy professionals and parents…

E.g. We help people over 40…

You could also go wider with a geographic area callout.

E.g. We help Fitnessville residents…

But perhaps even more important for a geographically constrained gym is…

2) HOW You Help Them

The key here is focusing on the benefits/outcomes, NOT the features/process.

As the saying goes, “Sell the smile, not the braces.”

A good headline calls out the specific benefits your dream client wants. 

Promises like “get results” or “achieve lasting fitness” are way too general. 

What KIND of results?

How does their life change if they achieve their fitness goals?

What can they be, do, or have?

And importantly, what are the words they use in their head when describing their wants/dreams.

E.g. We help busy professionals over 40 burn fat, get strong, and create all-day energy.

3) EXACTLY What to Do Next 

The exact “call to action” will vary based on your offer. But no matter what, you want big fat irresistibly clickable button that your entire graphic design points towards.

Don’t make people think hard!

This button needs to be “above the fold.” Don’t have to scroll.

And make it POP. 

It should be irresistibly clickable.

You can have the same button on the far right of your toolbar.

And if it’s the main goal of your website? 

(HINT: It is.) 

You should have this CTA button on all pages.

The text should be short and start with a verb. 

Examples include:

  • Book a Free Intro
  • Talk to a Trainer
  • Claim Your Free Session
  • Claim Your 14-Day Kickstart

When they click this irresistibly clickable button that’s just begging to be clicked…

You want to get their first name, number, and email first. Usually this is done via a simple form pop–up.

There are different approaches to what comes after this. But you ALWAYS want to get contact info first. Because no matter what the next page is (book a call, purchase a trial, etc.) you will always have some fall off.

And by capturing their contact info, you’ll be able to follow up.

A lot!

But that’s a topic for another email… 😉

Go forth and take action.

For yourself, your loved ones, and the clients you want to serve, make your website CLEAR!!!

Always love you even when I’m being tough on you,


MF Signature BFU 2

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