The Why Behind The Why

Teaching clients the “why” behind our training instead of just the “how” helps to improve their engagement with the process. The hidden perk that is rarely discussed, however, is that by doing so, we educate our best brand ambassadors on how to properly articulate our differentiators to their friends.

Imagine Johnny-Baseball is at the lunch table in his school chatting with friends when one says: “I saw you using that strange bar for deadlifting on your Instagram…what’s the point?”

The uneducated client might respond with: “Not sure, but I crushed that weight.”

Not particularly helpful.

The educated one might say: “They evaluated the way I move, reviewed my injury history, and ultimately concluded that the trap bar puts me in the best position to avoid back pain and get stronger in advance of baseball season.”

Only one of these two comments is likely to attract new business for you.


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