What REALLY Separates High Achievers

Happiest of Thursdays to ya!

Next week I’m going to be giving my first talk of the season for Perform Better out in Long Beach, CA. (Not too late to book your ticket, btw! Do so HERE!)

I’m covering one of my favorite topics: time management for fit pros and gym owners.

I’ve been teaching time management for nearly 10 years at this point. And I always find value in revisiting my models and frameworks. Since I’m always collecting new data by seeing how my team and clients are doing, I’m always making updates.

Often, I notice where people consistently trip up. This signals an opportunity for me to create a new tool to address a common landmine.

But sometimes, I notice a new pattern of where people are succeeding.

There’s lots of commentary out there on what separates high performers from also ran’s. And if we’re being real, any attempt to reduce this difference to a single item is silly. There are LOTS of factors that lead to success, not the least of which being luck.

But there are definitely some commonalities. And one of those commonalities is a “bias for action.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase before. But I want to offer an actionable formulation.

Owners with a bias for action do not ask: 

“What’s the latest I can possibly get this task done before catastrophe occurs?”

Instead, they ask:

“What’s the earliest possible time I can get this task done and move this ball forward?”

Speed matters. Successful people get shit done, and they do it with urgency.

Is it possible to go too fast? Hell yeah. But in practice, those are better problems than people who day after day, week after week, month after month, do not. Get. Shit. Done.

Yes, one can be too reactive and go too fast and make errors. This often requires triage. Advanced productivity masters learn to temper their speed and make room for other people to improve their thinking before creating problems for themselves and their team.

But in my experience, I’ll bet on the owner with the bias for action over the owner who’s constantly waiting for deadlines to finally get them to take action on an important task or project.

Feel the need. The need for speed!


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