Your Content Bank

Everyone hears crickets when they publish their first blog post. Everyone accrues an embarrassingly feeble view count on their first handful of YouTube videos. 

Repeat after me: Everyone starts at zero.

But you’ve got to keep going. You’ve got to trust your inner voice. Your material may actually be pretty solid, but it has not yet found its audience. 

Did you know that Dan Brown’s first three books were effectively a failure prior to the release of The DaVinci Code? He put them out into the world, people chose not to buy, and he didn’t instantaneously become the Dan Brown we all know today.

You know what happened to all three of them after the DaVinci Code took the world by storm? You guessed it, they went on to be best sellers.

The book Deception Point wasn’t really all that different in style and quality from the DaVinci Code, it just hadn’t yet found its engaged audience. 

Maybe now would be a good time to reintroduce some of your early work. You’ve worked too hard to find your voice, and the people who have announced they value it, to let the old stuff languish in the archives.


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