Done-For-You Presentation: 10 Tips to Improve Your Team’s Email Etiquette

One day we’re handed an email address and it’s assumed we’ll just figure it out. 

[Spoiler alert: We’re not very good at just figuring it out.]

So, it makes perfect sense that for many of us emails are a source of frequent stress and confusion. Add team communication to that mix and there are infinitely more opportunities for miscommunication. 

Mastering effective email communication will require more than this article, but I wanted to give you something that can help your team take a giant leap forward. 

Click below to download our done-for-you presentation for helping your team improve their email etiquette. 

>>> Download a Keynote, Powerpoint, or PDF Version

Here’s what you need to effectively use this slide deck:

  • A projector or TV
  • 30 minutes with your full team
  • A great attitude!

The presentation speaks for itself, so there isn’t much preparation needed. However I recommend that you review the slides thoroughly before sharing them with your team. 

Feel free to make it your own!

You may want to make some changes to add your thoughts and make the content relevant to your team. 

Got questions? Hit me up below. 

If you use it with your team shoot me an email and let me know how it went. 

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