There’s Really No Excuse [Mini-Rant]

Before I give you the mini-rant, there’s a cool event coming up in NYC being hosted by two heavily muscled pals with serious training chops. 

From Tony:

The Strategic Strength Workshop by Tony Gentilcore and Luke Worthington is a 2-day theory & hands-on event designed to help other fitness professionals level up their coaching skills. Success in this industry is not predicated on your ability to secure yet another endorsement from another up-and-coming athleisure company. No, REAL (and long-term) success comes from your ability to 1) get results for your clients and 2) to do so in a way that recognizes that psychology – how you interact with your clients – plays an integral role. 

Also, deadlifts. Always deadlifts.

You can read more details on the event HERE.

**IMPORTANT** – All BFU email subscribers can attend at $75 off the early bird price by using THIS link. Offer is valid now until August 1st. 


I’m biased. Both Tony and Luke are long term pals, but I do think part of success in your gym is having coaches who can deliver on providing a kick-ass fitness experience. Definitely worth checking out if your looking to uplevel your team!

Now, let me rant AND confess.

Ya see, I’ve done this too.

I’ve gone periods without an assistant. To “save money.” (wtfwtf)

But in 2023, there’s no damn reason to not have at least a fractional personal assistant. There are too many awesome –– and affordable –– options to have a competent person take a few hours of your plate each week. 

Whether you use a virtual option OR barter with a client in exchange for membership…

How would your relationship with your business change if you could buy back 5 more hours each week and delegate activities that you don’t like doing?

Think about it like this…

How much money do you think you’ll make this year?

Now divide that by 2000 to get your approximate hourly rate.

So if you’re going to make $60k this year (btw we can help you make a lot more than that), that’s $30/hr.

Any gym owner can outsource tasks that cost less money to hire out than do yourself

The classic example here is cleaning the gym. You do NOT need to be cleaning the bathroom. Surely you can find someone to clean your bathroom for less than $30/hr. While that’s admittedly not a classic “personal assistant” task, the same principle applies.

Or what if you’re still building your business and currently struggling and paying any more money at all feels like a reach? I get that.

In that case, what if you could pick up a personal training client for two hours per week, then invest that income to buy back 5-10 hours of time? Depending on the market and task, that should be pretty doable.

(Need help thinking through what to delegate? Consider doing a time audit. I bet you’ll find some things you can hand over. More HERE.)

Again, I understand this impulse. I really do.

It seems both cheaper AND easier to do it yourself. After all, not only does it cost money, but you have to create an SOP, train someone, and then manage them. But you’ve got to override this intuition.

If you want to win at this game, you’ve got to get disciplined about getting things done and stop trying to do it all yourself

“If you don’t have an assistant, you are one.” – Jack Daly

I believe in you!


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