Episode 318

Inside the Gym Owner Masterclass at Perform Better

In this episode, Mark Fisher joins me to talk about the gym owner masterclass at Perform Better.

[00:00:00] Hello, my friend, this is an exciting episode because for the first time ever business, unicorns and perform better are coordinating. We’re coming together. Our powers are combining to create something called the gym owner masterclass. This is a workshop created for gym owners. Buy a gym owners.

Essentially what you’re going to get is you’re going to get Mark and Pete and Ben for basically a inside peek at a 30 plus combined years of running Cressey sports performance and Mark Fisher fitness. Not only that, but Ben, our COO is going to come and share with you what’s working right now for all of our gym owners who are unicorns members.

What’s not working right now. And combined the three of them during this workshop are going to give you one on one coaching to help you get more income, more impact, and more freedom in your life. We have very limited capacity for this, for this collaborative workshop with perform better. Uh, and early bird seats are as cheap as one 49.

That’s. The crazy price for the value of this workshop. So in this episode, we’re going to [00:01:00] talk about what this, where we’re at, where we’re sharing this workshop. We’re going to give you some, um, some, uh, advanced sneak peeks at some of the content that’s coming in this workshop and help you decide whether or not this is the right fit for you.

So keep listening to this episode and click the link down below. If you want to learn more about the gym owner masterclass, we’re doing with perform better. Enjoy this episode.

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And become a real unicorn in the fitness industry. Let’s begin.

Hello, fitness business nerds. What’s up? Welcome to another episode of the business unicorns [00:02:00] podcast. I’m here today with Mr. Fisher. How are you, sir? I’m doing good though. My voice is a little sexy, a little sexy cause we’re midway through the winter and we got a bunch of snow dumped on us. So everyone’s getting sick.

But I live with a little germ machine. I don’t think we can blame that on the cold. My, my vector disease terrorist is her. It’s her fault. But I love her. I was trying to leave her out of it. Sorry, Celesio, but No, no, no. Dad threw you under the bus. Shame you, baby. You don’t like shame. You chose the wrong daddy.

Now eat your shame cakes. I’m excited. ’cause today I think we’re gonna use this podcast to tell people about a really cool and brand new partnership we’re doing with Perform Better, which is for the first time ever, we’re partnering with our friends over at Perform Better and we’re doing a gym owner masterclass, specifically you and Pete.

And Ben are heading up to Rhode Island and doing a whole workshop that our listeners can attend. So let’s just start with the basics. Like when and [00:03:00] where is this? What’s it about? Fill our folks in if they haven’t heard about it yet. I don’t have to look at my notes here. Yeah, basically it is Friday, April 26th and Saturday, April 27th.

We’re doing it in Warwick, Rhode Island, which is Perform Better’s headquarters. So if you’ve never been there, it’s actually a super cool place. They’ve got a super tricked out gym, by the way. So not only will hopefully the content of the actual masterclass be valuable to you, but I think if you want to check out some.

really amazing displays of how a gym could be set up or look at some really awesome equipment. Obviously, no secret there, Perform Better is definitely the leader of the industry for that. And the way we’ve set it up, it’s actually going to be a 10 to 5 on Friday. So if you happen to live somewhat local to the Northeast, in theory, you could just come in that morning.

And then on Saturday, we’re actually going to do a 930 to a 1230. So that way you can get back out of there if you either need to. Catch a flight, or if you’re local, you can still have a lot of your weekend with your family. I think the other thing I would mention inside, aside from [00:04:00] teaching you business of fitness things is we’re also planning to have a social.

So on Friday night, we will get together and the attendees can spend some quality time with myself and Pete and Ben. And I think as we all know, there’s always a lot of value in that sort of more informal networking and talking shop. So very much looking forward to all of it. Yeah, I’m so excited for it because we’ve been such big fans of perform, perform better for so long, not only their equipment, but like the conferences they put on are just always so fantastic bringing together really great thought leaders.

And so the fact that we get to partner with them is so cool. Let me say this. We talk a lot on this podcast. We have talked a lot in this podcast in the past about the importance of having mentors. Teachers coaches when you are a gym owner and Lord knows every day, there are more and more people out in the world offering those kinds of services.

And we think we do it really well. I think we do it really well. And so can you say a little bit about what makes it so important to seek out people like you and me and Pete and Ben [00:05:00] to learn from like, why should gym owners even care about an event like this? I think if you. are doing something, you probably should do it good.

And I think the best way to learn how to do something well is to spend time and energy on acquiring skills, right? And I think no secret, I do think it’s a little bit unusual skill set that we probably have professionally between running on the one hand, Mark Fisher Fitness, which is this very unusual gym.

Then also Cressy Sports Performance, which in its own way is very unusual, but also I think setting the standard for sports performance facilities. Then you have Ben, who in the most awesome way runs, I think, a little more of a typical muggle gym. I also personally own the first of what would be several locations of a small group personal training franchise.

So I think there’s somebody said for looking for people that are You know, walk in the talk, right? And not only doing it and teaching it, but are still have their hands in the game, right? So they know what’s happening right now. Cause I think this is [00:06:00] one of the challenges of this space. And listen, I’m not somebody, by the way, that says like, you should never work with somebody that doesn’t currently own a gym because sometimes there’s people that are super awesome.

What they do, they’re just not interested in doing that. I think that can perfectly fine. I just know that for me person, whenever I’m looking for coaching or mentorship I personally tend to bias towards the person that I know has recent relevant experience in the thing that I want to learn about, right?

That’s not, again, no shade to people that are not in that position, but that’s certainly the way that I think about it. And as it happens, that’s, I think, part of the offering that we have at Bizarre Unicorns. For sure. And I know that we’ve, I’ll speak on behalf of both of us, because we’ve been in these groups and these experiences together, but we have both had multiple Coaches and mentors of the last decade of our partnership.

And now that we’ve been a coach and mentor to now hundreds of others, the thing that is consistent across the board about that coaching, coachy mentee experience is for me, at least, I think you’ll agree [00:07:00] is that We learn so much faster, we learn so much faster when we can find people who’ve walked the walk that we want to walk, who’ve been down the path we want to go down, who’ve had the trials and tribulations we’re about to experience or are experiencing right now.

It really exploits the learning, which exploits the results. And for me, minimizes the stress. And so just talk a little bit about what are the kinds of things they’re likely to learn from this masterclass that’s going to help them learn faster and drive results. Yeah, so we’ll be covering a lot of stuff, but we’ll be focused a lot on lead generation because that’s what you all like.

And it is an important thing to understand. So the day is going to start with me giving a talk on the five best lead generation strategies for 2024. So I’ll give you a little insight into what is working not only at our gym, but also the gyms of our coaches and our growing, you know, gaggle of Unicorn Society gym owners.

From there, Pete is going to be giving a talk about creating riches [00:08:00] in your niches. So again, no secret there. There’s probably nobody in the world that’s done a better job than Kresge Sports Performance of getting very clear on a specific avatar. And then not only that, but really building a business growth strategy around really owning a particular market.

After that, then the no longer so secret weapon Pickard is certainly one of the smartest finance system guys we know. And he’s going to be giving a talk on the three keys. to ridiculously profitable gym. So that’s one of those topics I got to say in a vacuum. I know it’s not always sexy to people. So, you know, I’m going to give you your, your lead ice cream and then make you eat your vegetables about how to actually make money.

Uh, and I’ll be excited to share that with you. And also just expose Ben to a lot of you. I know Ben is a ongoing podcast guest. So frequent podcast listeners might know who Ben is in practice. Not only is he One of the best systems, gym owners, we know, but we hired him to be the COO for business unicorn.

So clearly we’re big fans of that guy. From there, Pete will be doing another talk this time on how to get more leads [00:09:00] specifically with business partnerships. So business partnerships, I think are super important skill set that. Can feel very overwhelming in part because it’s a little bit of a long tail game.

There’s not always immediate, obvious feedback that you’re doing the right things. We really want to save you time there and give you a very actionable proven strategies. Certainly a lot of this is going to be drafting off of what Cresty sports performance does and the way they’ve really annihilated this.

So if you’re in the performance. If you’re in the sports performance space, you really need to be in there and watch this talk. And we’ll also be giving you some context for our general playbook for this in the Unicorn Society, which is I think pretty applicable to just about anybody. From there, just give me a little more context what else we’re going to do.

Ben is going to do a talk on systems. Another thing we hear over and over as people, I want systems, which makes sense because otherwise your life is chaos and you cannot take vacations. I’ll also be giving a talk on leadership, on finding Recruiting and developing a team and then we’re going to actually close out the weekend.

I always really want to make sure [00:10:00] people have very clear things to do. I think, I hope it’s obvious. You’re going to get a lot of value out of that. But I actually am going to end the weekend with here’s six very specific things to immediately create more income, more impact, and more freedom. So we’ll be ending strong.

Giving you some really super actionable things that we know are guaranteed to move the needle so that if you get overwhelmed and you zone out the first day and a half, you’ll know, okay, if I do this, I’m going to really see some, a positive movement in my gym and in my life. I think that’s so fantastic.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of the agenda. I’ve given it lots of thumbs up, but I think for our listeners, I hope you all hear that you’re really covering so many of the most important parts of growing a gym from getting leads to creating happy customers that you’re aligned with, and you know how to serve specifically in your niche to building a team of people who knows how to serve them, to learning how to turn all that into systems that consistently make you money.

With less effort, right? That’s the whole, that’s the idea is that this is the whole damn thing. It’s the whole enchilada [00:11:00] in a day and a half with, I think the most important part you put at the end is like clear action. You’re going to leave with very clear next steps to take, as opposed to we’ve all had the experience of going to that conference where we take all kinds of scribbly notes for two minutes.

Two to five days at the conference. And then we leave and we’re like, just overwhelmed by the amount of the tsunami of information we just survived. And so that’s not what this is. This is very targeted information and we’ll help. They’ll help you synthesize it at the end of the day and a half to make sure you leave with a clear game plan.

I think that’s priceless. That kind of clarity is so priceless, which leads me to something that I think is shocking about this event, frankly. I said this when we were, we were planning for it, is I was shocked about how cheap this is, that it’s dollars . Can I say that it’s dollars? Yeah, I am. I was truly shocked.

And this is not like a marketing ploy. This is not a planned bid. Like I was truly like, wait, we’re charging what? The early bird for this, which if you get in before what? March 29th, you get in before March 29th. The early bird [00:12:00] price for this is $149. Yes, yes. I have spent so much more money on so much less.

I was truly shocked when we decided this is what it was going to be. But listen, we’re doing it because we want to serve people. We want to meet new people who maybe we can work with longterm. There’s no secret in that. And we’d love to be able to do this with perform better. So that’s why we’re doing it.

And the fact that it’s so cheap is really just a benefit to all of you. I will remind you all that like space is this limited. The room is only so big. We do expect it to sell well, but, but I’m just, if you don’t take it, if you don’t do this now, I can promise you, we’re not going to be offering a price like that.

Anytime soon for something else like this is a unique, unique moment. Who would you say? One last question as we start to wrap this up for sure. Who would you say this is perfect for? Who is this masterclass designed for? Yeah, it’s very much for gym owners. So I would say this, there is a lot of good information and you might be tempted to sign [00:13:00] up.

Maybe if you plan to open a gym at some point, maybe some of that could be valuable for you, but For gym owners, I have to warn you in advance. I think if you’re a personal trainer, you will, I do love you. I don’t think you’re, you’re probably, I think you’ll not be maybe the most thrilled in all of it because we are very specifically talking to gym owners about personal trainers.

Love you. Love that you listen to our content. I think you’ll find a lot of stuff. I just want to be like upfront about that. Cause I don’t want to waste your time and have you get there and be like, Oh gosh, I can’t really apply a lot of these things. So. Now, as far as where the gym needs to be again, we’re trying to be pretty broad and inclusive here too.

So I think there’s going to be some value in no matter where you are on your journey. But I think in a perfect world, you would have your own space. I think in a perfect world, you would maybe already have maybe one even part time employee, I think is a good piece there. And then if you have, I think maybe 30 to 50 clients, I think you’ll really be able to get the advantage of all of this.

If you’re under 30 clients, quite frankly, at that point, the core issue is lead generation. It’s just sales. Like at [00:14:00] that point, we’re probably not needing to worry too much about systems or developing a team or all that stuff’s great. And again, I’d love to have you there again. I think if you own a gym, you’re You should feel good.

This is going to be good use of your time. And that’s also why to some extent we’ve really weighted a lot of the information around generating leads and getting new clients because that’s the thing that there’s never a situation where any gym is not wanting more leads or not wanting more clients.

Yeah. But I would note that, uh, some of the content becomes more relevant once you’re a little bit further along in your journey and you have some other people to help you out. So you have a little more time to work on the business and Creating systems that you then are able to teach and scale to other people to create a little bit more freedom for yourself becomes a more important part of your work.

That makes sense. Great. So for those of you out there who own a gym, already have somewhere between 30 and 50 clients, maybe even have a part time that you’re already working with, and you’re at that place where you’re ready and want to. Keep growing and scaling your gym. This is the perfect one for you.

I’ll also add that for those of you who’ve been listening to this podcast for a [00:15:00] while and unicorn society is not the right fit for you, but you want to work with us. This is a perfect opportunity to come in the water and come spend real face to face time for a day and a half. Both in the conference room and at a social happy hour with Mark and with Pete and with Ben to see if he even like us in real life.

And even if your gym isn’t ready for unicorn sighted yet, this will be a great way just to get a sense of whether or not we can be helpful to you in the long run. So the link for this event is down in the show notes, go click it, do it before March 29th and save a ton of money. And I think what is the cheapest version of this to do?

Jim on our masterclass. We will ever offer. If you have any questions, shoot us an email. We’re here to answer your questions, DMS on Instagram, email us. We’re here to answer them. If there’s anything getting in your way of signing up, come talk to us and we’ll get it out of your damn way. So you can show up in Rhode Island and have a blast.

Thanks for sure. This is a great episode. I’m glad that we’re doing this event. I’m so stoked for it. I’m sad. I won’t be there, but I’m going to be doing other things. So y’all will have a blast with, with [00:16:00] Mark and Pete. And then have a good rest of your day, my friends, and I hope you all will see our team in Rhode Island.

Have a good day.