Distinct Lack of Shortcuts

Nobody opens a gym and says to themselves: “I hope to take this place from zero clients to fully booked in a slow and deliberate manner.”

We crave success, and we want it yesterday.

Problem is, there isn’t a shortcut in the fitness game. We spend our days telling clients that success in the weightroom is about showing up consistently, maintaining better than average nutritional habits over the long-term, and being patient.

Guess what…building a book of business is no different. You want something other than a revolving arsenal of price-sensitive tire-kicking clients? 

That recipe looks something like this:

    1. Find client #1.
    2. Blow your newfound client away by over-delivering and always doing so with a smile.
    3. Ask for a hard-earned referral from your uber satisfied client.
    4. Repeat steps two and three with your newly referred business.

We’ve marched over 10,000 different athletes through the doors of our two fitness facilities by taking this approach since the day we opened in 2007: One client at a time.


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