Don’t Drive Angry

Quick thought for you today…

If you run a business, I bet that sometimes you have feelings.

This is normal. It means you care!

And feelings can be helpful signals. We don’t want to dismiss them or attempt to block them out and repress them. That never works anyway. We want to acknowledge, feel them in our body, and process them in constructive ways. This usually happens via conversation with a caring human.

On the other hand, when you’re super duper pissed off, it’s usually not the bestest time to make a big decision about your business.

This can be particularly tough if you have a strong bias for action. When you’re confronted by a challenging situation, you may feel a strong pull to solve it NOW, or if possible, YESTERDAY.

But when you’re feeling heated, it’s best to slow down. Before you dash off that email response, consider the coaching of one of my mentors, Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s Deli:

When you get furious, get curious.

Again, we’re not trying to be Spock. When you care deeply about something, it’s only normal to feel some feelz from time to time.

While you can’t always control your emotional response, you can — at least in theory — prevent yourself from taking action right away. This kind of impulse control isn’t easy. 

But I can’t think of a single time that a big decision about a heated topic didn’t benefit from sleeping on it and circling back to it the next morning.



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