Gym Marketing Intensive

Got an awesome (free) lead-generating resource for ya.

But first, I’m hoping you can shoot me a quick reply…

I’m doing research for an upcoming program I’m working on. 

I’m building a step-by-step system that helps gym owners add their next $5k or more of monthly revenue in 90 days or less.

I’ll cover everything I’ve ever learned about generating leads and getting new members for your gym. But parceled out in digestible bites in the optimal order. 

It’s gonna be everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

So here’s my Q:

When you think about increasing your gym’s monthly revenue by $5k or more…

What would you say you need most to get there?

Thank you in advance for your help!

We’re committed to an out-of-the-park grand slam result for anyone who signs up. So I very much appreciate your brainstorming.

And if you just can’t wait? 

Well, more details soon. 

Keeler and Ben have me under lock and key cuz I get too excited about stuff. So I can’t say more. Yet. But it’s going to be AWESOME. 😉

But in the meantime?

Here’s an awesome resource for you. 

In fact, it’s TWO free resources.

You can check out these playlists on my YouTube channel to go super deep on a bunch of strategies and tactics for growing your gym.

You’re welcome to search by a specific topic within sales and marketing, OR you can just binge the whole damn thing.

Bon appetito!

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MF Marketing Playlist
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MF Sales Playlist

Cookin’ up fresh baked chocolate cookies for you cuz I love you,


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PS: Are you a gym owner doing more than $15k/mo looking to grow your gym in the next 90 days? We’d love to help.

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