How Do I Get More Referrals?

Quick suggestion for you to get more referrals for your training gym…

Long time readers know we’ve covered this topic in depth (article HERE), but in the spirit of giving you a quick takeaway, here’s your move:

Instead of bribing clients to get you paying members, give your clients free stuff to give to their friends.

By all means, you can and should incentivize and reward your clients for spreading the word about your business. However, we have to appreciate that even the most ardent advocate of your biz would benefit from a very easy way for their friends to try you out.

Sure, you could direct them to your low barrier offer/ trial. But if it’s a traditional 14 to 30 day offer, and certainly if it’s a paid offer, that still may be too high of a barrier.

A great workaround here is giving clients a free trial to give to their friends; this can even be positioned (correctly) as a VIP bonus. While this can help, remember that prospects face more than simply financial costs; they have to spend time, energy, and the risk of feeling foolish. And a 14 to 30 day program — even if free — may still feel like a daunting mountain for a prospect who’s uncertain if this will be the right fit.

That’s why I’ve come to love “one or two free workouts.” Admittedly, this adds another step to your funnel; you’ll usually still want your prospects to move into the full LBO/ trial experience, as a single class may not be enough for them to get fitness married to your training gym.

But by making it easier to get started and lowering the commitment, your clients will have an easier time sharing the love with their pals.

For more on MFF’s current referral program, check out this BFU podcast bonus episode HERE.

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