Management = Mentorship

Do you have a colleague who reports directly to you? An employee? Maybe even an unpaid intern?

A “yes” to any one of these questions means you are in the business of mentorship. 

I know what you’re thinking — let’s not build this into something bigger than it really is, as I’m really just making sure that this guy shows up on time.

Thing is, keeping a colleague accountable to being punctual isn’t necessarily mentorship, but the way you go about delivering that message is. Every time you act in a manner that impacts an employee or direct report’s day-to-day life, you are teaching them something about being a leader.

There’s a misconception, though, that only the intentional acts of leadership are the ones that stick.


You may be building future leaders on purpose, or you may be unknowingly teaching them how not to handle themselves once put in a position of influence. Your shortcomings can deliver in the form of reverse-mentorship, or you can make a little effort.

Either way, your people are learning.


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