My Biggest Fail of 2023. And How I’m Fixing It.

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But first, since it kinda relates, I want to share a bit about my biggest fail of 2023 and how I’m fixing it.

Ya see, your ol’ pal Mark is pretty damn good at getting things done.

It’s my superpower.

I’ve been described as “violently productive.” And I can’t reject the label.

In fact, one of my all-time most popular creations is my course on time management for gym owners. I put every bit of my Getting Sh*t Done Magick™ into it. 

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But as Stephen King once said, “For me, not working is the real work.

Or, as Ari Weinzweig says: ”Our weaknesses are our strengths taken to their extremes.” And I fall into this trap more than I care to admit.

In particular, this past fall was pretty rough for me. 

Between opening up our first location of a new studio in NJ…

Continuing to oversee MFF…. 

Helping with coverage while our director of sales was on family leave…

And handling BFU’s aggressive growth… 

I was working a LOT. I was regularly at my desk as early as 530am and working until 7pm or later (admittedly with breaks for life stuff like eating, working out, etc.).

Meanwhile, my wife Shina went back to work on Broadway. This meant more single caregiver time with my beloved toddler daughter Celestia. Which was AWESOME. This also forced me to stop working several days a week as early as 330pm. But it also required yet more time and energy.

And ya know what?

I pulled it off. I gritted my teeth. I grinded as hard as I’ve ever grinded, and sprinted as fast as I could, and I made it through.

But there was a cost.

I didn’t see my friends much.

I struggled to be as present as I wanted with my daughter.

My wife and I had almost no time to see each other.

My workouts sucked.

And while I was in bed enough to get sufficient sleep, I couldn’t turn my brain off. I’d fall asleep fine, but wake up at 4am or 430am. Even on the weekends. Even if I was being social in NYC, which, by the way, does NOT get you in bed by 9pm, thank you very much.

By the time we hit the holidays, I was crushed. 

On the one hand, I knew this was (hopefully?) a transient phase. The slings and arrows of a new location, changing roles at MFF and BFU, and a wife in rehearsal mode were a temporary if extreme combo.

But I also knew I was slipping into an ugly pattern. 

Not because I couldn’t manage it. 

But because I COULD manage it.

I was riding the lightning and thrill of all-out effort. Sure, it was exhausting. 

But if I’m being real? I kinda liked it.

Thankfully, I knew it wasn’t sustainable. 

Not if I didn’t want to become Walter White and justify my proverbial-meth-cookin’ professional achievements as “for my family,” all the while barely seeing them. I’ve seen a lot of humans fall into this trap.

So I took my own medicine. 

I got clear on all my current roles and responsibilities and how I wanted them to change.

I started making plans to train up people to take things over. I began delegating, and as needed, set boundaries.

And now?

Well, things are WAY better.

(I also have to tip my hat to my team; this doesn’t happen without competent people willing and excited about stepping up to more responsibility.)

I’m absolutely thrilled with my roles and workload this year. 

I’m VERY proud of how things are progressing with the businesses. I have the mental bandwidth to do the deep work required for me to perform at my best. And most of all, I have both the time AND mental capacity to spend more Q.T. with my family and friends. 

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed: 

I see you.

January is not an easy month for gym owners.

But I promise you, you CAN refine your schedule and move towards the life you want.

You can look for activities to eliminate or delegate. You can identify and/or hire people who can take over. You can train and manage them to consistently hit their marks.

And if you get off-track and see workflow creep? You can course correct.

I know you can do this. 

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Wishing you a weekly schedule that truly works for your life, your mission, and your loved ones.

The second best time to plant a tree is today,


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