Save the Experiments for Yourself

Remember that time you went out for ice cream because of the experimental flavor the local shop was rolling out?


That’s because it didn’t happen. Consumers rarely head out in search of opportunities to be test dummies. And it is even more rare that they do so with the mindset that they’ll be paying for the experience.

We go out for ice cream because our last cone was delicious. We have expectations of consistency.

Similarly, the clients walking into my gym aren’t hoping we’ll take the liberty of experimenting with their programming. They’re not paying for something that may deliver results. They want the material that fueled the transformation photos published on our website. 

Imagine the next time you sit down in your barber’s chair and he says:

“I’ve got a cool idea…you can trust me.” 

You’re hitting the pause button, right?

Stop experimenting with your clients. They deserve better..


PS: We’re doing our next Unicorn Society retreat in Austin on March 2nd-3rd.

It’s going to be focused on marketing and we’ll be offering a small handful of seats for guests.

You’ll be learning from and hanging out with Keeler, Mark, Ben, yours truly, and special guest Jordan Syatt.


Comment “Austin” and we’ll get you deets.