The Cost of Waiting

Real talk.

There’s a cost to not taking action.

Some of the cost is financial.

After all, let’s say you’re a gym owner named Take-Your-Time Tommy.

Last year, you did $200k in revenue at your training gym. In the next three years, you do:

  • 2024: $230,000
  • 2025: $260,000
  • 2026: $300,000

That’s some decent year-over-year growth.

But let’s say you want to go faster

Let’s say you hire a coach to collapse time. Let’s say you’re a highly ambitious gym owner Speedy Suzanne. You’re also did $200k in revenue in 2023.

Unlike Take-Your-Time Tommy, you get help deciding WHAT to fix NEXT. 

You signed up for the Unicorn Society and got access to proven, done-for-you playbooks that you and a BFU coach personalize for your situation. 

And of course, you get real accountability and deadlines so you don’t get sidetracked and stay focused on the Most Important Next Action.

Over the next three years, you do:

  • 2024: $270,000
  • 2025: $340,000
  • 2026: $420,000

So what’s the cost of being a Take-Your-Time Tommy?

In the next three years alone, it’s $240,000 in lost revenue.

Listen, if you’ve got the skills and hustle, you can still achieve success. No doubt about it. But without an outside eye, it will take you longer.

And that delay has a cost

Because money compounds. The extra income that you don’t make doesn’t get invested. So it can’t grow. 

It can’t create the opportunities and real financial freedom for you and your family in 10-20 years.

(btw, with standard investing, that missing $240k will likely be about $1 million dollars less in your bank account over 20 years. OUCH.)

And money aside…

What’s the cost of losing the excitement and joy that you felt when you started your gym?

What’s the cost of missing the energy that you would otherwise bring to your clients, your team, and your loved ones?

How does that impact your quality of life and the impact you want to make?

Ultimately it’s your call how to play this.

I’ve learned this lesson (the hard way), again and again. I’d rather invest money to save time any chance I can get.

If you’re thinking about joining the Unicorn Society at some point, I’d love for you to get the best long term return on that investment.

And that means taking action sooner rather than later.

Your kids will thank you for it.

Always with love,


MF Signature BFU

PS: If you’re a gym owner doing at least $15k/mo interested in learning more…

Just hit comment with the word “SOONER.”