The Curiosity Qualifier

Fitness professionals open new gyms every day of the week. More often than not, these are coaches and personal trainers who decided that it was time to call their own shots, leaving the safety of another gym’s payroll to bet on themselves.

The ones who’ve successfully made the jump from independent contractor to successful gym owner are those who had what I’d call the “curiosity qualifier” before starting. 

They were curious about more than just being their own boss. They read books on marketing long before giving their notice at work. They spoke with existing gym owners about the intricacies of lease negotiation before opening a dialogue with a local real estate agent. They were just as interested in the mechanics of effective salesmanship as they were in designing training programs before taking out that big loan to buy equipment.

Being the best technician on a training team doesn’t pre-qualify you to be a competent gym owner. Studying the ins and outs of the business of fitness won’t guarantee it either, but it will surely increase the likelihood of future success in the world of brick-and-mortar business ownership.

Be honest with yourself…are you checking the curiosity qualifier box, or just annoyed with your boss?


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