This Post is About You

Here’s what I know about most gym owners…

Most gym owners don’t have enough leads.

Or enough clients…

Or enough revenue…

Or enough income.

It can be hard running a gym when you’re working super hard but not seeing progress.

And you’re afraid you CAN’T get this solved. So you’re starting to resent your gym. 

Cuz if you can’t figure this out, you won’t be able to serve your clients in a sustainable way, your in-laws will judge the hell out of you, and your financial struggles will be permanent for you and your family.

You may even wind up closing the damn gym.

But you CAN fix this.

You can apply proven strategies to get a steady stream of leads. You can turn these leads into clients. And in turn, you can increase your revenue and income.

And then you get what you want…

  • Enough revenue to create awesome roles and jobs for your team
  • A growing tribe of happy clients who appreciate what you do
  • More free time for a life outside the gym…
  • And the money to actually go on vacation
  • Peace of mind in regards to the business
  • Increasing personal net worth
  • A clear path forward
  • A sense of ease

Because if you get this right, you’ll be living the dream…

You’ll have the financial and emotional upside of business ownership WITHOUT feeling like you’re in chains.

You’ll experience the pride of creating great jobs for employees and a business you’re truly proud of…

To say nothing of your family’s pride and appreciation for providing such a great lifestyle. 😉

You’ll be a known leader in your community and a model for other gym owners to aspire to.

You’ll feel real momentum in your life and business.

Listen, to get these kinds of results, you have to do a lot of stuff right. It’s not JUST about getting more leads and clients.

But if you know your services are great, but you’re not making enough progress towards your goals?

Well, in that case, it may START with you getting more leads and clients.

Dreaming big for you,


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PS: If you want help creating these kinds of results…

I’m launching a brand new program next month. I’m personally working with a handful of gym owners to apply a few key strategies and add $3k-$5 or more to your monthly revenue.

In fact, it’s guaranteed. Because I’ll keep working with you until you do.

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