Time Away From Your Business…

First off, in case you missed it on the socials, I’m proud to announce I’ve recently become an investor in Alloy Personal Training, an emerging fitness franchise. I’m really excited about this opportunity. I expect to learn many lessons and become even more helpful to you as you pursue success in your training gym.

Want to learn more about why I went this route?

Subscribe to my new(ish) YouTube channel of fitness business musings. I’m releasing totally exclusive content there 1-2x per week.  Stay tuned for a soon-to-be-released video on my thought process for why I invested in a franchise. More soon!

In today’s missive, I want to talk about a missing key for many training gym owners…

You see, running a training gym is an amazing way to make a living.

You get to do something you love in the service of people you love working alongside people you love.

It doesn’t get much better.

However, like anything in life, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

And we all need some time away. Even if we LOVE what we do. There’s simply no way to stay refreshed unless you get time and/or space away from your business. 

Beyond physical rest, which is valuable in itself, your brain needs time off so your subconscious can work. This is an important piece of solving big problems and having big ideas.

Here’s what this looks like in my life. So far this year, I’ve:

  • Taken my wife on a babymoon weekend in South Beach
  • Spent a long weekend in Marfa, TX looking at modern art and celebrating the birthdays of some dear friends
  • Traveled to Atlanta, GA to learn more about the Alloy opportunity 
  • Met up with friends for a vacation in Morocco
  • Followed that up with a long weekend in Paris with my wife
  • Gone back to Miami for a Unicorn Society retreat

As you read this, I’m flying to Chicago so I can spend tomorrow attending a workshop with Strategic Coach.

Over the next two months I’m headed to LA for a friend’s three-day-long birthday party, back to Chicago for more Strategic Coach, then off to Florida for an entrepreneur retreat, before heading to Barcelona for a wedding, and finally landing in Orlando to speak at Perform Better.

Now this may be more travel than you want. But a few things to consider here:

  • If you’re someone like me who LOVES travel, there’s no words to describe how nourishing this is to my soul.
  • You’ll notice it’s a mix of trips for business and pleasure.
  • Some days on the road I unplug from work. Some days I work remotely.
  • Much of my best business thinking is done while away from my normal routines. This is often where I have breakthroughs.
  • I plan to slow down my travel when baby Mark Fisher Fitness arrives. 🙂

Now I’m by no means a “passive owner.” I’m not taking weeks off at a time, and I usually keep up with emails. And I feel great about this. Because I love my job!

But most training gym owners — even ones who also love their job — don’t have this kind of freedom.

So if this stirs a longing in your heart…

Then I want you to have this freedom too.

The way you get there is by developing your skills. Not just as a trainer, but as a business owner who can:

  • Reliably grow your business so you have enough revenue that you don’t need to do it all alone
  • Deliver on your promises with a consistently great experience so your average client sticks around for a while
  • Achieve both goals via strong systems and a high-functioning, well-managed team

And if you need help?

If you want to learn from fellow training gym owners who’ve been there and are still doing it?

Would love to see you at our upcoming event. Details below.

Also my amazing wife is still letting me to go Burning Man in August how lucky am I,

PS If you’re looking to create real freedom with your training gym?

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