Unicorn Society Story: Cassie

I still remember when I first met Cassie Day.

I was giving a keynote at the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Winter Seminar.

And it was clear from our very first convo, this Toronto-based gym owner had real chops. 

But like many high achievers, Cassie was ready for more. 

So I was pumped when Cassie decided to join the Unicorn Society.

And not only for her, but also for BFU. We all know the impact when high vibe humans join your community.

Furthermore, I knew we could help her buy speed and get where she wanted to go.

Ya see, before Cassie joined the Unicorn Society, she had oodles of talent, a solid gym, and solid results.

(In fact, you should follow her on Instagram HERE and her gym, All Day Fit, HERE. I promise you’ll find much to learn and model.)

But by her own admission, in the pre-BFU days she was doing a LOT. 

And not only that, but there were no systems. This meant Cassie had to personally be the one to move most balls forward.

It can be frustrating when you feel like you have to be the one to do all the things.

And it’s certainly not a recipe for creating real freedom in your life.

There were a few key actions that Cassie took that you’d do well to consider:

  1. She started tracking her numbers using the Frameworks for Unicorns Dashboard™. With a dedicated place to log and review week-over-week results, she started to run her business by the numbers.
  1. She built clear systems using resources like our SOP Playbook. This meant she could get consistent results AND have other people take work off her plate and free up her time.
  1. Finally, she dived into BFU’s trainings on leadership and management. This helped her put a team in place that she could rely on to keep the gym running, even if she wasn’t physically there.

The result? 

Cassie took her revenues from $35k per month to $75k per month (!!!)…

She has an awesome team who can handle much of the day-to-day tasks, INCLUDING much of the marketing and sales.

And not only that…

But the real mic drop…

In 2022, she took 7 weeks COMPLETELY off grid –– no laptop, no phone! ––to be on the Amazing Race with her partner Jahmeek.

In fact, she kept the streak going and took several full weeks off in 2023 as well.




And if I can add one more cherry on top, I can’t tell you how proud I am that Cassie is a speaker at this year’s MBSC Winter Seminar. Bad-ass!

To recap, if you’re looking to create real time and financial freedom with your gym:

  • Track your numbers
  • Create razor-sharp systems
  • Become a leader worth following

Love you like a chilled martini at a fancy London hotel bar,


MF Signature BFU 3

PS If you’re interested in learning more about how we help gym owners like Cassie 2x their revenue while taking multiple months away from their gym…

If you’re a gym owner doing at least $15k/mo., comment with the word “GROW” and I’ll get you the details.