What About Pre-Owned?

I know what it feels like to dream about opening a gym. I envisioned the perfect footprint, the smell of new flooring, and the challenge of building something from nothing.

Now that I’ve done it, I realize that most of that is overrated.

Finding the exact layout you are in search of might be unattainable unless you own land and have money to build. Flooring is insanely expensive. And going from zero clients to one is just plain hard.

So why do so few aspiring gym owners entertain the idea of acquiring one from someone else?

There are struggling, tired, or simply bored gym owners all over the planet who would gladly walk away in exchange for a check covering their equipment investment and an agreement to assume their lease as early as today. 

No need for you to pay full price for thousands of square feet of flooring. 

No need for you to negotiate with equipment manufacturers. 

No chasing that first handful of clients.

The new gym smell you’re dreaming about fades quickly, and purchasing an existing one still results in a guaranteed new-to-you feeling. 

Ready-made typically means less debt, and revenue now. New, on the other hand, means loans, build-outs, and patience.

How important is brand new to you?


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