What Should Happen EVERY Session?

Now, we all know that we should have “standard operating procedures” for our training gyms.

But sometimes, this can feel overwhelming. Even the term “standard operating procedure” can sound daunting.

The good news is that if you do this right, it should be simple. After all, we don’t want complicated SOP’s no one can remember them. That’s not helpful.

Want the easiest possible way to start building systems in your training gym?

Start by making sure you have a written set of standards for how you deliver the workout experience. 

Make a list of 5-10 things that have to happen in every session for it to be successful.

Some examples include:

  • Great client by name upon entering the training space
  • Check in with each client early in the session to see how their body is feeling and help them identify intensity goals for the day
  • Use each client’s name X times during the session
  • Check in halfway through the workout with each client to get feedback from client about their session is going
  • Reference each client’s goals at least once during the session while coaching
  • Do at least one “name game/ icebreaker” during the session
  • Give each client a sincere thank you for coming in
  • Ask the client when you’ll be seeing them next and confirm they have their next session scheduled

The above list may or may not be the correct one for your facility and your culture.

What matters is that there’s some manageable size list of standards. They should be written down, clearly communicated to your coach, and then consistently confirmed to be actually happening. 

The last point is where this often gets dropped. It’s all well and good to have systems, but you have to train your team on the system and keep it top of mind for them.

This means auditing sessions, having your staff audit each other, getting client feedback, or any other number of ways to “inspect what you expect.”

Although this example refers to your workout experience, this same gist works for any system in your business. Admittedly, some can get more complicated and may require actual scripts. But the overall idea is the same.

Overtime, you’ll build up a manual of the SOPs for the various systems in your business. Your team will know what’s expected, your clients will get a consistent experience, and all your training gym ownership dreams will come true. 🙂