What’s Holding You Back

There’s an invisible bottleneck holding back your gym.

You know how I know?

Because it’s what holds back every gym.

It’s you.

Think about this…

You’re the ONLY lever of change in your business. Because whether you’re coaching a client or managing a teammate or having a sales conversation…

You’re the only constant.

Do you have absolute control?

Nope! Only psychopaths think that.

But you are the most important point of influence. Both via obvious “cause-and-effect,” and more subtly, via your “leaky-ass vibes.”

So let me ask you this…

How are you working on you?

This is a list of people and groups I’ve worked with over the past six months. They’ve helped support my well-being and uplevel how I’m showing up as a leader and human:

  • 1-on-1 and Group Business Coaching for BFU
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching with Strategic Coach
  • Weekly Men’s Group
  • Monthly Entrepreneur Forum
  • Talk Therapy
  • Couples Coaching
  • Hypnosis Sessions
  • Burning Man 🙂

Keep in mind, this list is only personal and professional development resources. It leaves aside the rest of Team Mark:

  • CPA
  • Financial Planner
  • Estate Lawyer
  • Fitness Coach – High five to Kevin Carr of Certified Functional Strength Coach
  • Concierge Medical Doctor
  • Acupuncturist
  • Joy, the most magical Executive Assistant in the whole world
  • More awesome people I’m sure I’m forgetting

So it’s safe to say I believe in the power of hiring help in any area where high performance matters.

This often has me wondering…

Why don’t people ask for help?

For some people, it’s ego. 

It can be scary and humbling to admit you need help. You’re opening yourself up and inviting others to look at where you feel insecure.

For others, it’s money. 

Many gym owners are “pennywise and dollar-foolish”; they won’t spend a dollar to make two. They’re focused on the short-term price instead of the cost of NOT getting help.

Sometimes, the obstacle is time.

And that can be a real barrier. And if time is really the issue, you can find a solution HERE.

In my case?

When I think back to where I’ve been slow to ask for help in the past, there’s one big reason…

Lack of Trust.

And this is a reasonable concern.

Listen, there are a lot of people and businesses selling all kinds of support and coaching. And many are excellent at marketing and sales but don’t have the skills to deliver the goods; in other words, “all sizzle, no steak.”

It stands to reason that 90% of these people are not in the top 10%. 😉

So in my case, I take my time vetting the hell out of possible solutions. And then, once I’m in, I’m ALL in.

Listen, books and information are great. Lord knows I love books.

But transformation beats information. 

By all means, be rigorous about who you decide to trust.

But to achieve your full potential, you’ll need the real time care and attention and support of other humans.

Transformation isn’t something you can do in a silo.

Your limiting beliefs are not safe around me,


MF Signature BFU 2

PS: Interested in adding me and the BFU coaches to your team?

If you’re a gym owner doing $15k/mo+ looking to grow your gym in the next 90 days, we’d love to help.

Comment with the word “COACHING” and I’ll get you the details.