Working on the Weekend?

Sometimes I work on Saturday mornings.

Not usually. But sometimes.

You know why?

Because I love my work. And some days that sounds fun.

But I also take off random Monday mornings to go to the spa with my wife.

Or a Tuesday to take our daughter to a children’s museum.

And many-a-Friday see me kicking to get a massage or acupuncture.

I’ll bet you’re kinda like me. I bet you love what you do (at least a lot of the time).

You and me are lucky. We don’t hate our jobs.

The core challenge a lot of gym owners face are:

1) Your cup runneth over. You’re just doing too damn much.

2) You’re chained to your gym. You don’t have the flexibility to live the life you want to live and spend the time you want with loved ones.

Fixing this requires a few things.

One, you have to make enough revenue to afford good help. 

You also have to have the management and leadership skills to hire, train, and lead great people.

But it all starts with being able to manage how you’re spending your time. Because adding staff doesn’t make this easier if you’re all over the place.

This is arguably the LEAST sexy topic. I get it.

But time is the only non-renewable resource.

One life, no do overs,

MF Signature BFU

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