BFU’s #1 Blog Post

First up, I want to share an awesome (free) offer from my pal Sumit at Naamly. I’m speaking at Perform Better in Orlando, FL next week from June 3rd-5th, and thanks to Sumit, you can see me speak for free.

We know inflation has made things super expensive and we also know that the best way to grow is investing in one’s education. So, I’ve partnered up with our good friends at Naamly to give away 3 FREE Tickets (each worth $359). Come and see me speak and learn from other leaders as well in the space at one of my favorite events of the year.

There is only one catch – if you take the ticket and don’t show-up, then they’ll ding you $75/- to make sure you don’t take up someone else’s seat. If you’re interested, just reach out to and he’ll take care of the logistics (only one per gym pretty please).

Now, I have an awesome article for you that you’re gonna love.

We’ve had some pretty massive growth in our email list this past 18 months. Since many of you lovely humans are still relatively new to the unicorn universe, I wanted to share my most viewed blog post of all time.

If you’re looking to be more effective at leading your team…

If you want them to perform more consistently…

All while experiencing less stress and frustration…

This article is for you. It covers both a specific technique AND a powerful mindset to create better results with less stress.