Does Your Facility Look Like sh*t?

Maybe that’s the issue 

Now I don’t actually know, of course. I’ve not been to most of your facilities.

But some fitness facilities do look like doodoo.

As the oft-quoted, possibly made-up, but still reasonable-to- believe stat goes, the number one reason people leave gyms is due to lack of cleanliness.

And of course, if you hope to offer a premium product, having a clean space is really just the first step. To the extent that your budget allows, premium clients want to work out in a premium space.

This means more than mere cleanliness. It means good design features that reflect your brand. Your space should look and feel like a place your ideal client avatar wants to spend time in.

The lion’s share of training gym owners lack a true passion — or aptitude — for design. While you don’t need to be featured in Architectural Digest, you do want a minimally acceptable level of aesthetics. And that means you may need to look for some help.

(And no, you can’t use Keeler, I already got him. Though if you’re in the Unicorn Society and need help, you kind of got him too. I think getting Keeler’s design skills on your space would be the ultimate-super-wowza-Ninja-use of his skills. So maybe DO use Keeler for a coaching call to get his two cents.)

I also want to acknowledge, we run a 1) relatively high volume space 2) in NYC. We’re always looking to make the space cleaner, prettier, and better. But those two facts make this hard, time consuming, and expensive.

Your space may not see quite the same wear and tear in other (cleaner) markets with less traffic. But regardless, you’ll pretty much always need to be re-investing in your space.

Tossing out dirty, fraying bands, foam rollers, and Airex pads.

Repainting walls.

Spicing up the design.

Replacing furniture.

Changing out or upgrading equipment.

Etc. etc. etc.

Rather than being endlessly surprised that something always needs a refresh, best to accept that this process doesn’t end. 

PRO TIP: Consider making a monthly deposit to a dedicated bank account devoted exclusively to space upgrades.

File this whole topic under  “Things you didn’t realize you’d need to spend lots of energy on when you opened up a training gym.”

But just like the other items in there, you can absolutely get the results you need with a bit of effort.

I believe in you!

Scrubba dub dub,


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