BFU’s “Secret Weapon” Speaks!

It’s no secret that Cressey Sports Performance and Mark Fisher Fitness have had some unusual success.

CSP is pretty much the premier baseball training facility in the entire world. 

MFF has made well over $30 million dollars in one of the world’s most hyper-competitive markets.

But to some extent, that’s a limitation. Let’s be real, CSP and MFF are outliers.

While there’s something to be said from learning from people who’ve had outsize success, I’m the first to admit we’re not always super relatable. 

That’s why our “Secret Weapon” is Ben Pickard.

Ben was recently a guest on the Lift The Bar podcast, and dropped a LOT of knowledge. Knowledge that comes from walking the walk and achieving success as a top 1% gym owner.

For those that don’t know Ben, here’s a bit about this bad-ass…

  • Averaged $167k profit per year in his training gym since Day 1, including through C0VID
  • No loans, investors, partners, and totally bootstrapped 
  • Spent $70k+ on continuing education in last 6 years
  • Unicorn Society Member for 5 years… until Pete kicked him out and made him a coach
  • International speaker
  • Consulted with multibillion dollar company to build out training facilities
  • “The BEST systems/spreadsheet guy I’ve ever met” – Mark Fisher
  • Over 10 years self-employed experience
  • … All while having a family (his son was born during his third year of undergrad)

You see, Ben doesn’t train MLB MVPs.

He’s located in Guelph, Ontario, not midtown Manhattan.

So you’d do well to listen to Ben, as this guy has cracked the code.

He works ON his business part time, makes an amazing living, and uses his ample free time as a partner in Business for Unicorns and pursuing other interesting investment opportunities with his cash flow.

(Ask him about the massive property he and some friends bought for their families in northern Canada.)

Anyhoo, I work with the guy, and even I got takeaways from this interview.

Check it out!

Click here to hear the “Secret Weapon” speak!

PS: For the first time ever, I’m offering a full day of personal mentorship at Mark Fisher Fitness for a small handful of gym owners. It will have a hard cap of 4 gyms max to ensure tons of individual attention.

This will be a truly game-changing opportunity to spend an entire day in NYC with yours truly and completely immerse yourself in MFF. 

You’ll receive personalized coaching on exactly how to integrate the systems and SOPs that will move your business forward. 

It’s going to be the ultimate hack to shortcut your path to success while learning from our 11-plus years of experience as one of the highest revenue generating training gyms in the entire industry.

If you’re interested, email me at Mark [at] BusinessForUnicorns [dot] com and I’ll tell you more.

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