Hi! It’s Mark!

In this episode of Business For Unicorns TV, I talk about one of my all-time favorite topics; relationships! (Or netwerrrrrrrking.)

“Networking” often has a dirty connotation. And this is probably because people often do it so poorly. I prefer the term “Personal Community Building.”

If you’re looking to run a successful business, you damn sure aren’t going to do it alone. And while we’ve talked a lot about building a team, this is the first time I’m going deep about friendship-makin’ outside your internal tribe.

PRO TIP: This video is on the longer side. Since there are no slides (… I’m in my closet), I recommend listening to this on your smartphone browser like you would a podcast. Go for a nice walk, drive to work, follow your heart.

I say words about:

  • WHY having a strong network makes your life better (2:30)
  • WHO you want in your community (5:00)
  • One thing NOT to do when looking to start a friendship (8:45)
  • HOW to develop relationships with people (10:25)
  • Under-appreciated ways to help people out (15:00)
  • My thoughts on masterminds (19:35)
  • WHERE to build your network (21:55)
  • Recommended further reading (28:20)

I think this is one of the most underrated skills in having a successful business. And life. The immediate benefits aren’t always apparent, but having a kick-ass community is key for business success AND… it’s fun! Damn fun.

Let’s have more fun. In Mexico. You’re invited.

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