Easier Than Ad-spend

If I asked you to list your three best lead generation strategies, my guess is that you’d fill some or all of the slots with traditional paid advertising options. 

Facebook advertising drives you leads. Google advertising drives you leads. Sponsoring events in your community drives you leads.

But what about driving leads right through the names already on your list?

My first and second most important lead-generation strategies are asking clients for referrals, and farming my list of clients who have fallen off our radar. I don’t have time to meddle over tweaking Facebook ad-spend strategies and making sure my pixel is set up properly. 

My time is better spent approaching happy clients and hitting them with the same complimentary line again and again:

“We love having you around here, and would love to fill the gym with more people like you. Any chance you’ve got a friend or two who might fit in?”

The recipe is so simple: 

  1. We like you!  
  2. This place would be even cooler if we had more people like you. 
  3. Care to help?


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