10 Ways to Grow Your Training Gym

Time sensitive offers are a great way to encourage your prospects to finally try out — or return to — your training gym.

Now there’s a bit of an art to this. We don’t want to “train” our audience to always wait for something special. But a clear call to action and a compelling reason to take action now is a powerful tool.

To that end, below are 10 ideas for time sensitive offers. Some are for never-been-members, others are for former members, and some are for unconverted trial participants

As a reminder, for this to work, there needs to be a deadline. It can be a date when the offer ends, a limited number of spots, or both. All of the below options presume you’re using one or both of these strategies.

While I’ve included some discounted offers below, remember, this will always hurt your profitability and lifetime customer value. So when possible, focus on value adds, OR one time discounts that don’t lock in lowered rates. Cash discounts can serve a place. But use them sparingly, and make sure you understand how this impact your cashflow.

NOTE: You’ll need to decide how to apply this to your business. Some offers work better for small group personal training, and others work better for class models. But even if a given offer doesn’t make sense for you, try to unpack how it could be modified to work for your biz.

10 Ways to Grow Your Training Gym

  1. One free (usually paid) trial for clients to give away to one friend
  2. Limited time offer to sign up for a (usually paid) trial for only $1
  3. Sign up for any new membership and get a value add (extra pack of sessions, nutrition consult, free month for a friend, free swag, etc.)
  4. Sign up for any new membership and get $100 off your 1st month
  5. Limited time offer to buy packs of sessions (if you only offer monthly memberships)
  6. A temporary 1 month complimentary upgrade for a select number of current members
  7. Claim a free month as a “We want you back” offer for select number of former members
  8. Sign up for a year-long paid-in-full membership and get a 13th month free
  9. Sign up for a new membership with a friend and each of member get a value add or discount on 1st month
  10. Limited time offer for unconverted trial prospects to get access to your current intro offer

PS Want help deciding on the very best promo offers for your particular situation?

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