8 Lead Nurture Strategies to Double Your Sales

Today’s post is from my pal, John Franklin of Kilo and the Gym World Worldwide podcast.

If you’re not getting enough of your leads to take action and move forward with you…

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One of the most common complaints we hear from gym owners is, “Facebook ads don’t work for me anymore.”

Our data shows that the average gym owner paid $46 per lead in 2023.

That’s 20x more than I paid in 2015—so I get it.

But our data also shows that the average gym owner does a TERRIBLE job nurturing their leads. In fact, 8 out of 10 leads go cold due to poor nurture.

So, if a gym owner spends $4,600 for 100 leads, they waste $3,680 by not nurturing their leads.

Like lead generation, lead nurture isn’t a passive process—and this is true even if you don’t run ads. Good lead nurture is a simple way to get an edge over your competition.

So, if you want to pump up your sales numbers, use these 8 nurture strategies:

1. Act human

An average prospect for your gym receives over 200 messages a day. One of the easiest ways to get ignored is to send boring messages.

Your very own Mark Fisher is great at adding some personality into his messages. In 2015, he was peddling a lead magnet called the “7 Habits of Highly Sexy Mother Fuckers!

After you opted in, you got an email titled “You Are Looking Hotter Already”

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A headline like that is sure to stand out in someone’s inbox. It’s almost begging you to click it.

2. Be fast, fast, fast

The longer you let leads sit in your inbox, the less likely you are to sell them.

A study that reviewed 1.25 million leads found that 74% of companies take more than 5 minutes to respond to new leads. Worse yet, nearly a third don’t respond at all.

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That’s crazy, considering that it’s estimated that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds to a prospect first.

Reach out to leads within an hour. Also, know that a gym with a 1-hour response time is 70 times more likely to connect with a lead than a gym with a 24-hour response time.

3. Persistence pays

Most gym owners contact a lead once and then back off. We recommend reaching out at least 6 times in the first week they enter your funnel.

Sounds excessive, but people are busy and often overlook messages. Studies show that the more call attempts you make, the more likely you are to connect with a lead.

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4. Open up your calendar

Most of you do consultative selling. One of the easiest ways to get more people on your calendar is to have better availability.

Have next-day sales availability during lunchtime and your busiest evening classes. People buy gym memberships during peak gym times.

5. DM new Instagram followers

New social media followers are hot leads. Take the opportunity to reach out quickly.

Nick Page grew his recurring revenue by $10k in 6 months by sending these four messages to every new follower:

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While the copy isn’t winning any awards, he stands out from his competitors who do nothing.

6. DM people who engage with posts

This is especially true for your ads. Anyone who likes or comments on an ad is a hot lead. Reach out. Here’s how:


7. Reach out to old conversations

Not every person is ready to commit to your offer right after the first message. Changing minds is a part of doing business.

That’s why nurturing the leads in your Facebook & Instagram inbox is important. This is hard to automate, so dedicate a chunk of time each week to work on old leads. You could say:

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BONUS: Use automation

Busy gym owners don’t have the time to nurture leads all day. Luckily, you can automate a lot of this stuff.

I recommend using Gym Lead Machine from Kilo. Not only because I owe people money but also because it automates an entire year of lead nurture. Plus, you can talk with your leads via call, text, and email on one platform.

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Basically, it saves you time and drives more sales. Not convinced? Listen to BFU member, Greg Morrone:

“I am Kilo’s top unpaid influencer. Kilo is perfect for gym owners who are looking to increase their lead flow.” 

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