Biggest branding mistake

Got a quick thought for you on visual branding.

Most training gym owners are not passionate about design. I totally get that.

But there’s still no reason to make the most common mistake I see in branding.

Good branding, above all else, should be CONSISTENT.

Pick a specific set of colors, fonts, and logo treatments.

Stick to them. Everywhere and always.

Listen, I know you like to be creative. But when your website and your marketing materials and your Instagram and the signs in your facility have no cohesion, it looks all over the place.

I realize you may occasionally be limited by digital platforms that don’t give you total control of color and fonts. But more often than not, lack of awareness is the culprit.

I admit, I have extreme views on this. I want EVERYTHING that represents MFF (and BFU for that matter) to look “of a piece.”

Create a simple style guide that codifies your standards for visual design and branding. And then be consistent. Everywhere! Always!

Don’t miss the opportunity to reinforce your visual brand identity every chance you get.

Your website, landing pages, graphics, signs, flyers, marketing materials, Instagram, the colors you paint your walls, the slide-decks, business cards, swag, printed materials for clients… EVERYWHERE. ALWAYS.

It sends the wrong signal when each customer touchpoint has a slightly different design feel. In an uncertain world, prospects and clients want a business they can rely on to consistently deliver.

You may think it a stretch, but I think this extends to your branding.