Closing Down

We’re nearing the end of Early Bird pricing.

Just wanted to share the details again in case you’re considering joining Pete and me for our Gym Owner Masterclass at Perform Better HQ in Rhode Island.

The price goes up next Friday. So if you’d like to join, I’ve included all the details.





Gym owners have a problem.

It’s too damn easy to operate in a silo.

Too many big-hearted trainers open up a gym, then struggle to get leads and clients. And when they do, they work too hard to reliably produce results with proven systems.

This is normal.

After all, there’s no business school for gym owners.

But there ARE ways to shortcut the path to success.

If you want to spend a day-and-a-half learning from gym owners who walk the walk…

Then you’ll want to attend the Gym Owner Masterclass that Pete Dupuis and I are putting on with Perform Better.

We’ll take you behind the scenes of Cressey Sports Performance and Mark Fisher Fitness.

And we’ll show you what’s working right now for gym owners getting personal coaching from BFU.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • To start the day, BFU COO Ben Pickard and I will share “BFU’s Income, Impact, and Freedom Model.” We’ll identify the most important place for you to focus your attention get the biggest results.
  • Then I’ll cover “The 5 Best Lead Generation Strategies for 2024.” I’ll teach you how top-performing gyms are getting a steady flow of leads each and every week.
  • The next talk is “Riches in Niches: Grow Your Gym by Attracting Your Ideal Clients.” Pete will show you how to build a gym full of clients you love by being crystal clear on who you serve.
  • Success in the gym game isn’t just about revenue. In “3 Keys to a Ridiculously Profitable Gym,” Ben will help you keep more of what you make.
  • Is there a gym in the world that’s had more success than CSP at growing through business partnerships? Probably not. Get the scoop with Pete’s talk, “Getting More Leads with Business Partnerships.”
  • Ben “The Secret Weapon” Pickard is one of the brightest systems guys in the biz. Hell, we hired him as our COO for BFU! And he’s going to cut the confusion and overwhelm around systems. You’ll learn to create “Simple Systems for Reduced Stress and Consistent Results.”

I’ll finish our masterclass with two more talks on Saturday…

  • First, I want you to work with a high-performing team AND I want you to take time off on a tropical island with your phone on Do Not Disturb. And that’s exactly what I’ll cover in “Creating Careers, Taking Vacations: Management & Leadership for Gym Owners.”
  • Finally, we’ll end with “6 Easy Wins to IMMEDIATELY Create More Income, Impact, and Freedom.” This talk alone will 10x or more your investment.

Besides the formal learning, we’ll gather for a Friday night social. This will be your chance to debrief and connect with the speakers and like-minded gym owners.

Real talk:

Being a gym owner means it’s sometimes hard to get away.

I totally get that.

But it’s also true that success demands we periodically sharpen our saw.

Events like this can change the course of your career.

And you won’t find a more affordable way to reboot your business and kick things into high gear.

See you there,


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PS: Interested in joining us?

Find the details HERE.