Easy Actionable Tip [Quick]

Keeping this one super quick today, as we’re in prep mode for our first Unicorn Society retreat of 2022.

And that means I’m living dat good Miami life with the other unicorn-lovers!

But worry not, I shan’t leave you hanging without any Thursday goodness.

Today’s offering is a SUPER easy strategy to implement…

Sometimes members terminate their agreement. And most of the time, they’re not runnin’ out of the joint cursing you off. (At least I hope.)

The next time you have a member terminating because they’re moving or their financial circumstances changed or even because they just want something different…

Ask if they’d be willing to leave you a review. 

This may seem like a weird time. 

But again, more often than not, they’ve had a good time training with you. Explain that small businesses live and die by the power of online reviews. Even if your business is no longer a love match (for now!), they’ll usually be happy to do it as a parting “thank you.”

The key here is you want to make this SUPER easy for them. 

Be sure to send them a direct link via email and/or text to make it as easy as possible. And consider doing at least one gentle follow-up.

NOTE: This works best when you get a verbal commitment during their exit interview. Otherwise you’ll see a meaningfully lower percentage follow through.

NOTE 2: Do an exit interview with terminating members to get feedback, assure them they are still loved, and tell them you hope you’ll be seeing them soon. 🙂

Love you unconditionally,