I Was Feeling Pretty Low. And Kinda Disgusted. But This Really Helped.

I want to share a powerful framing that encapsulates why I’m so passionate about the Unicorn Society.

But first, lemme tell you a quick story.

Your ol’ pal Mark has had some ups and downs over the past 18 months. 

I suspect I’m not alone and maybe you can relate.

When I look back at this rollercoaster, there’s obviously some correlation between my mindset and some challenging circumstances. 

And that makes sense; when the whole world seems like a dumpster fire and your business is getting throttled, it can be hard to stay plucky.

Even for me. And to the dismay of people revolted by enthusiasm, I am pathologically plucky.

But you know what correlates even MORE tightly with my mental well-being?

My context.

Specifically, three kinds:

  • My attentional/ intellectual context
  • My environmental/ physical context
  • My social context

1) Attentional/ Intellectual Context

As the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” 

Are you reading books, podcasts, and EMAILS FROM YOUR FRIEND MARK that lift you up?

Or are you compulsively scrolling through Instagram or the news?

I’m not advocating you tuning out the world at large. I am saying you will be more effective at impacting that world when you’re intentional about where you’re placing attention. Specifically, monitor the type, source, and volume of media you’re consuming. 

2) Environmental/ Physical Context

Outside of choosing where to live — both your home and geographic location — this one isn’t all that easy to change. 

However, the physical environments where you spend time have a massive impact on you. If your office or training gym are not clean and organized and inspiring, this is something worth addressing.

For many people, including your author, this is why travel is so powerful. Getting out of our usual routines and being exposed to different places can shake us out of rutts. It can challenge us to think differently and open up our minds. And if you’re someone that loves to travel, it will also give you energy and inspiration.

3) Social Context

It’s painfully cliche, but nonetheless true. You are massively impacted by the people you spend time with.

Your choice of friends, professional networks, and official and virtual mentors creates your personal reference group. And we are compelled by evolutionary wiring to adopt the mindsets, behaviors, and values of the social waters we swim in. 

So once again, being intentional about your community will massively influence on your mental well-being (or lack thereof).


And THIS is why I’m on fire about the value of the Unicorn Society.

The Unicorn Society creates positive contexts on all three fronts.

1) Attentional/ Intellectual Context: 

By getting access to the Unicorn University and BFU courses — on top of all the other free content like our podcast and emails — you’re putting in solid, positive inputs that will get you focused on actionable strategies to improve your business.

2) Environmental/ Physical Context: 

There’s a reason the quarterly retreats are so important. By giving yourself an opportunity to see the world outside your training gym and have cool experiences, you can spark new ideas. While we do plenty of work on these retreats, for learning nerds it’s like a vacation that our businesses pay for. And the cost of time, energy, and money is more than returned by the impact it has on our business: both in enjoyment AND in revenue growth.

3) Social Context: 

This may be the secret sauce. 

Whether it be at the retreats, on the biweekly group coaching calls, in the private Facebook group, or spending regular one-on-one time with Pete, Keeler, and yours truly…

You are surrounded by like-minded training gym owners striving to grow: to become better business owners, better leaders, and better humans.

One of life’s most powerful experiences is to be truly seen, and known, and cared for by a community of people with similar circumstances who genuinely want to see you thrive.

If this sounds like it could be valuable, click the link below to learn more.


A final note…

Being in a better place mentally will also lead to more material success. And that’s all well and good.

But here’s the thing: any achievement or material success is just one path to a good headspace.

The real goal is the mental well-being that comes from being of service.

By engaging in meaningful work and connecting deeply with other humans.

The tools above can help your business’s prospects.

But they also cut out the middleman and bring you directly to improved mental well-being.

And then?

You’ll be more likely to make good decisions that move your professional ball forward anyway.

(Hat tip to Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect that inspired this framing.)

Your pal,


PS If you’re not sure if the US would be a fit for you, I’m more than happy to chat.

You can find all the details HERE, but also happy to hop on a call. 

Alternatively, I’d be happy to put you in touch with a current member to hear more about their experience.