MFF NYC Mentorship [New Date Added]

For the first time ever, I’m offering a full day of personal mentorship at Mark Fisher Fitness for a small handful of gym owners. It will have a hard cap of 4 gyms max to ensure tons of individual attention.

We’ve recently added a new date and will be hosting on May 19th

Since this is coming up quick, we’re going to make this VERY worth your while. If you sign up by May 1st, you’ll get the absolute best rate that this will ever be offered for. 

More below!


About the MFF Mentorship Day

This will be a truly game-changing opportunity to spend an entire day in NYC with yours truly and completely immerse yourself in MFF. 

You’ll receive personalized coaching on exactly how to integrate the systems and SOPs that will move your business forward. 

It’s going to be the ultimate hack to shortcut your path to success while learning from our 11-plus years of experience as one of the highest revenue generating training gyms in the entire industry.

Each attendee will be asked to do some homework in advance so you get the absolute most out of the day. I’ll review your financial performance and metrics for the last 3-12 months. Then we’ll do a one-on-one call before our day, so I can ask follow-up questions and identify the best way to use our time together. 

Based on what our group needs, I’ll create a custom itinerary. During our day together, we’ll identify, discuss, and solve your most pressing issues and give you a crystal clear plan of action.

You’ll have total and complete access to MFF, including:

  • The chance to sit in on and watch me run a 1-on-1 meeting so you can learn exactly how to develop your team to perform at a high level
  • An opportunity to spend time with any MFF team member who can best help solve your current obstacles; based on what you need this could be our General Manager, our Sales Director, or our Fitness Director
  • Access to all of MFF’s systems and SOPs, including actual meeting documents and the exact dashboards I use to steer the ship. You’ll receive copies and access so you can model and steal our SOPs for your business
  • The option to take or shadow an MFF class AND an MFF SGPT the day before and/or the day after so you can experience MFF’s fitness SOPs in action
  • PLUS a follow-up call with MF 4-6 weeks after the day to make sure you’re implementing effectively

After our day is done, I’ll treat you to a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at one of NYC’s best restaurants to celebrate your day.

And if you can spend a day (or a few) in NYC before or after? I’ll happily make personalized recommendations for the very best of what our city has to offer. After all, we don’t want you wasting a trip your business is paying for without enjoying some R&R! 😉

This will be a unique and never-before-offered chance to look under the hood of MFF.

By devoting an entire day to learning the ins and outs of MFF, we’ll shortcut your path to success, blast away obstacles, and fire you up to supercharge your business.

The newly added date is May 19th. 

If this is of interest, hit me back and we can talk details.

I <3 NY,


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