Optics That Don’t Need To Be Controlled

The first important lesson you need to learn about being an employer is that, unless you’re overpaying your team, you will absolutely lose employees to other opportunities from time to time. 

Your unofficial job is to build staff members who are so talented that you can’t afford to retain them. Once you get to that point, you’ll either luck into what sports fans would call a “hometown deal,” or you’ll see them move on to something bigger and better. If the latter is your reality, fight the urge to control the optics with your community.

No one needs to hear you explain why your employee is making the wrong decision. No one needs to be told that the employee is unaware of how good he has it with you. Nobody cares that you think this young coach is unprepared for the responsibilities ahead.

People earning career advancement out of your operation should be celebrated. You helped them to become the coach that someone else is willing to pay a premium for, and that’s the narrative you can happily align yourself with. 

Pat yourself on the back (in private), publicly celebrate the outgoing colleague, and begin looking for the next person to help outgrow your business. Potential employees will eventually hear about your leadership, current clients will admire your professionalism, and former employees will continue to bring value to your personal network.

Win, win, and win.


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