Should You Bill Weekly or Monthly?

You know, it’s very rare that I speak in absolutes when it comes to success as a training gym owner. 

But this is one of those moments.

Virtually all members of the Unicorn Society have made or are making this change.

I promise you, this is a move you need to make ASAP. After the logistical pain-in-the-butt-of-change is over, there’s only massive upside.

Change your membership billing from monthly to weekly (or bi-weekly).

(Cue laughter from our Australian training gym owners who’ve only ever done weekly billing.)

By moving to weekly billing you will:

  • Improve conversion by making the price point feel smaller at the point of sale
  • Improve your cash flow with a steady drip of cash 
  • Increase total yearly revenue with a “13th month”
  • Solve the 5 Mondays problem (where clients pay for sessions or classes in multiple of 4 that leave leftover days in months with 30 or 31 days)
  • Match weekly or bi-weekly payroll with revenue
  • Make future price increases feel smaller

Now, in the spirit of turning over the rock from all the angles, you could point to these items as downsides of weekly billing:

  • You may see a modest increase in the amount of declined credit card chasing
  • Most merchant services charge a (super) small fee per transaction, so you’ll pay slightly more in transaction fees

But honestly, neither of these are a big deal. And they certainly don’t offset the advantages of weekly billing.

The biggest barrier for most training gym owners is that it’s a lot of work to change your billing. But on the other side is a better business.

You can do it!

Your fit biz pen pal always,


PS Need help implementing this in your business? 

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