Talent Will Be Found

I heard it all the time during graduate school as I studied entrepreneurship: The quality of your location will make or break your service business.

Here I am a decade and a half later, running a gym situated at the rear of a 200,000+ square foot industrial building. I’m not going to lie to you…we can be difficult to find. 

We’re over 200 yards from the road, in a space facing the woods in the back of the building. I can count on zero fingers the number of times someone walked in and said “I’ve walked by this place a dozen times and always thought about dropping in.” 

Zero drop-ins. Nada.

We’ll fill the space anyway. We open doors during hours that work for us, and deliver a product that we conjured up, and people just keep coming.

I’ve had to learn a different rule regarding location since graduate school: 

Location isn’t everything. 

Turns out equipment selection isn’t either.

What I now know is that being world-class at your craft is everything. With so many affordable avenues through which we can demonstrate our expertise to potential clients at my fingertips, I’ve come to the conclusion that where I do my business is far less important than how I do my business.

Consumers travel for expertise. They’ll continue to inconvenience themselves by attending your second-rate location if you continue to develop your craft and build meaningful relationships.


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