The Map is Not the Terrain

I used to search for easily emulated business models.

That guy a few states over runs a successful gym…maybe I’ll join his mastermind and try to recreate his model. I’m thinking my prices are on the low side…maybe I’ll just copy and paste rates from the gym down the road. At least I know I’ll be in line with the market, right?


My business is as unique as a fingerprint…or one of those QR codes we now use to pull up menus at restaurants. It deserves better than the copy, cut, and paste approach to strategy.

Instead of asking someone else what I should charge, what services I should offer, or what needs to go from my offering, I choose to trust my gut and make a move. Pricing strategies don’t need to be permanent. Programs that are halted can be brought back. Trial and error isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged.

The next time you feel compelled to employ the model clearly outlined in a business guru’s book, remind yourself that the map is not the terrain.

Take action. Learn. Adjust.


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