The Requirement

I’m not one for dogmatism.

But some principles are essentially laws of nature.

And if you’re looking to run a successful training gym?

Success requires investment.

This is true no matter how you define “success.”

Want to make a bigger impact with your business?

Want to be a better partner to your spouse?

Want to improve your bloodwork?

Want to be ready to retire when the time comes?

Then you’ve got to invest: time and/or money and/or energy. For big results, usually all three.

If you don’t make the commitment, you don’t get the result.

This is true for our clients, and it’s true for us as owners.

This investment doesn’t necessarily need to be financial. But none can deny, big financial investments are a “forcing function.” This carries much of the freight in keeping you accountable to take action.

The past few months I signed up for (another) very expensive coaching group and a very expensive fitness coach.

Part of what I’m paying for is their guidance and coaching.

But it’s also a way to burn the bridges. Because the money is committed. So it’s now up to me to devote the time and energy to the resources provided so I can get the outcomes I want.

CONFESSION: On some level, this fact annoys me. Because I know it’s the type of self-serving psychological rationale that salespeople use to justify charging exorbitant prices for services and products that don’t necessarily have intrinsic value.

But I have to admit. I’ve come to reluctantly accept this as a fact of life.

Admittedly, I’m still not a fan of “Just put it on your credit card… or better yet, put a lien on your house!… it’s like, you know, The Secret!! … what the mind can achieve!!!!!!…”


You get out of anything what you put into it. 

I do think this can be taken to an unhelpful extreme. But there’s no doubt that having skin in the game matters.

Anyone reading who’s attempted to give away their services knows what I’m talking about here.

You’re worth it!


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PPS I pretty much never do blurbs for non-BFU stuff. But my dear pals Tony Gentilcore and Luke Worthington are two of the brightest — and most lovable — training minds in the biz.

If you’re looking to uplevel yourself or your staff, check out details about their upcoming event in Boston.

“The Strategic Strength Workshop via Tony Gentilcore & Luke Worthington gives attendees a unique inside look at how Tony & Luke break down an assessment and connect the dots to coaching and writing training programs that set their clients up for success.”

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