240 Words on Building a Business

Building a business is not for everyone. It takes guts, vision, and persistence. 

If you want to build a business…

You’ve got to have a vision for the value you can bring to the world and be willing to fight like hell to make it happen. 

You must be willing to put your whole self on the line — to believe in something before anyone else believes in it. 

You better be ready to get cozy with risk, failure, and more risk. 

You’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable — pushing yourself to tackle the least fun parts of the business like firing people, running out of money, and losing customers.

You better be ready to wrestle with your vulnerability and make feedback your best friend. 

If you’re ready for all that and still want to build a business…

You have an opportunity to build a company and workplace you’ve always dreamed of working in. 

You get to create jobs for people they truly love — helping them to build a career and life they have always wanted. 

You are able to make a lasting impact on the world by being the f*cking best at delivering your product or service. 

You will be rewarded with the freedom of being your own boss and the opportunity to create a lasting legacy that your great-grandchildren will be proud of. 

Want to build a business?

Buckle up, my friend and let’s change the damn world.

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