Foundations Before Facebook

People ask me all the time what I think about CrossFit. They expect me to badmouth the competition. 

Yeah, CrossFit is flawed. 

Guess what… so is my business.

The thing about CrossFit that can be concerning is the fact that beginners occasionally find their way into the middle of a busy and energy-packed training environment, where they fall off the radar of supervising coaches, only to hurt themselves executing potentially complicated movements. 

Very few of us instinctively understand how to properly execute an olympic lift.

However, the local CrossFit, with the workout of the day (WOD) written on the chalkboard, would be the perfect place for my staff to train together. We’d feed off of the challenging programming. We’d enjoy the competitive atmosphere. We’d derive value from some of the more advanced lifting progressions.

It would be a blast, because my team knows how to execute the movements safely. My team knows that you can’t dive into a WOD without warming up thoroughly and pacing yourself toward work sets. My team possesses foundational knowledge and training experience that makes it perfect for CrossFit.

I see parallels to this CrossFit dynamic in the world of advertising and small business ownership. 

New gym owners pop up every day of the week with a fancy logo, freshly equipped gym, and a Facebook marketing budget. They capture some quick and easy leads, plug them into the gym, and promptly fail to retain significant numbers.

Much like the beginner CrossFitter who skipped months or years of learning strength training basics and went straight to the clean and jerk, the new gym owner skipped building systems that serve as the foundation of an exceptional client experience and sprinted straight toward filling the space. 

The CrossFitter probably blew up his back or shoulder. The gym owner blew up his new reputation by leaving a bunch of poor first impressions.

You wouldn’t build a home without first laying a foundation, so why are you okay with building a small business without one?


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