I’m nervooooous [Help Requested]

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, but after a few months of working out the kinks, lots of learning, and getting up the first batch of videos…

I’m proud/ nervous to debut the new Mark Fisher YouTube Channel!

Your support would mean so much. I’ve been working really hard to make something I think you’ll really like.

Every week, I’ll be posting exclusive content that will help you make more income, more impact, and more happiness with your training gym. I’ll cover the most useful psychological frameworks, business principles, and actionable tips I’ve learned along my journey. It’s “news you can use,” I promise!


I think there’s also a meta-lesson in here for you and your training gym.

It’s always awkward/ daunting to create something new.

Whenever you make a new thing, it feels vulnerable. Particularly if it’s something where you’re really putting yourself out there, like making content.

The reason it feels vulnerable is because you’re “learning out loud.” 

Whether this be hiring your first employee or committing to email marketing, by definition, you don’t have experience when you start.

And if you haven’t gotten in a lot of reps? It stands to reason you may not be great yet. In fact… you probably suck!

This “fear of sucking” is what prevents many people — in all realms of life — from achieving their potential. Many humans are so resistant to the sensation of “shaky-baby-deer-legs” that they can’t push through this discomfort and get into the habit of making the thing.

Cue the training gym owner who won’t make the hire because “it’s faster if I do it myself.”

Or the training gym owner who posts a couple of times on Instagram and then procrastinates from doing it regularly.

Or the training gym owner who tries to develop some local business partnerships, but after getting stonewalled by the semi-clueless kid working as a cashier, retreats back to the safety of the office where they can punch buttons on digital ads.

The first thing to know is this is totally normal. It would be weird if you didn’t care about being proud of your work or performing at a high level.

The second thing to know is you have to do it anyway.

As Joseph Campbell said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

You may not know this about me, but it took me a long time to get off my ass and make this channel. Since I’ve had a lot of success as a speaker and have lots of thoughts about running a training gym, I intellectually realized it could be valuable for the people I want to help. People like you!

I also thought I’d ultimately enjoy the process, and was intrigued by YouTube as a medium for creative self-expression. 

AND I was daunted by the logistics. I didn’t want to figure out the tech piece. I wasn’t thrilled by the energy-performance on-demand requirement of filming good video content. I don’t have to be showered to write emails lol. But ultimately, I decided it was the good kind of discomfort. And here we are.

(Another pro-tip: think “Who, not how.” Instead of figuring how to do all of this on my own, I hired someone I trust to run with the pieces I didn’t have the time or interest to research. Thanks Dave!!)

So the next time you’re putting off key actions because you’re resistant to feeling uncomfortable…

Embrace the suck!

I promise it gets better over time.