Disproportionate Returns

Fostering loyalty with clients and employees is about maintaining habits that deliver effects that are disproportionate to your effort. 

Imagine the next year in your new favorite client’s life…

Let’s say that you throw him a free tee shirt in the weight room as a thank you for his business, offer the occasional free smoothie as a nice gesture, and compliment him on his commitment to consistent training.

All good habits that are well worth the energy and resources.

But now I want you to imagine that during that same period of time, you make it out to see that same client take a stab at stand up comedy at a local open mic night. And then you show up to volunteer at a fundraiser he is running to support a cause that is meaningful to him.

Now imagine that the same client gets relocated to another state due to a work placement after just a year of working with him…

If I were to run into him on the street five years down the road and ask him about his time with you, which collection of memories do you think he’ll tap into and share with me?

Something tells me he’ll remember the handful of times you acknowledged his passions outside of the weightroom and lose track of your generous tee shirt gift. 

Take a genuine interest. Care.


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